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Post by Sokuseki on Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:50 am


Saito Sokuseki Hei_fu11

"Arrogant- because I can be."

Nickname(s): Sai
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Birthday: 9/10/x371
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D-rank

Guild: Millenium Voldgift
Guild Tattoo: N/A

Saito Sokuseki Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics:
Lithe, sleek, and agile, Sokuseki has the perfect physique for an assassin. He is relatively small, standing at 5'8'' and weighing in at 128 lbs. However, he is pure muscle. His physique can be most characterized towards that of a soccer player- he has strong but thin legs and a slim upper body. Being of Oriental descent, he is naturally almost completely hairless, not that he minds. He was never one to care about his physical appearance as most of the muscle came naturally. He understands that he can charm ladies, and will occasionally utilize his looks to get where he needs to go. His body is well toned, and he is deceptively strong. He has stern black eyes that can melt an opponent (metaphorically) with a cold gaze. Sokuseki also has a single canine tooth that is slightly sharper and larger than the others, causing his lips or tongue to bleed if he bites them too hard. His nose is small, and his ears remain well rounded, but are easily hidden from view due to his moderately long black hair. He could not have been put together better for his preferred type of job. His abyssal black hair easily camouflages with the darkness of buildings and the shadows; his natural body frame and bone structure minimize surface area for detection, and his muscle maximizes his ability to be able to execute the killing blow in a variety of ways and avoid detection as quickly as possible. His skin is fairly pale, but not by kabuki standards.
Sokuseki wears black clothing all of the time on a mission to maximize his stealth. Typically his attire involves a black long sleeve shirt and sleek black athletic pants. On top of that he wears a black trench coat with such a convoluted system of belts and ties that he has never bothered to change how it is, leaving the trench coat slightly larger than what he desires. The only belt he has actually messed with toggles how tightly it hugs his abdomen, so he keeps it tight to prevent it from drooping and making sound when he is attempting to maintain stealthiness. Sometimes he will discard the coat and wear just an under-armor black long sleeve shirt to reduce noise. He typically also brings a utility belt along that contains any tools he may need- lock picks, screwdrivers, and small throwing knives. He also carries a tape measure and his handcuffs along at all times.
Abnormalities: He has a single larger and sharper canine on the right side of his maxilla. It is capable of cutting through thin rope given enough time.
Saito Sokuseki Personalucy


Around Strangers: Sai is typically condescending towards total strangers. He believes that if he has not heard of the person before, the person is weak and easy prey. Sai prefers to avoid social situations entirely, being only in the guild when taking requests and to defend it if necessary. Sai in general is rather laid back, taking an isolated stance with people and ostracizing those who have failed to prove themselves or make a decent first impression. He has high expectations of others as well as himself, even if he's never met the other person before.

General Attitude: He sees everyone as inferior to his ability, and will judge them as such until he is at a disadvantage against such an opponent. His cocky attitude and arrogance cause him to make many enemies outside of his guild, however within the guild he is isolated and reserved. Sai is extraordinarily loyal to the guild and will uphold its values, even though he can get carried away fairly easily when he's cornered his prey. He's sadistic and underhanded, using any and all tactics to secure victory. He is also extremely impatient and intolerant, making him a less than ideal partner in a team for those who prioritize friendship over execution.

In Combat: In combat, Sai thirsts for blood. He focuses mainly on close range combat, using his magic only as a last resort or when he is frustrated mentally or emotionally. He will also use his magic as a means to attack from afar when it is too dangerous to attack up close. He attacks only when the opportunity is right, and will relentlessly attack until his target is forced into submission, killed, or he is forced to retreat. He follows his orders first over all, after he let his passion for the hunt interfere once before. Sai refuses to make the same mistake twice, and always aims to surpass his rival, a person he designates whenever he feels that a person is superior to him- a very high honor in his perspective.
Sharpening His Blades: It's a habit he's gotten into. Whenever Sai is bored, he will begin to sharpen his knives with a grindstone that he always carries with him.
Smoking: A bad habit of his that he adopted when he was 12 years old. He always has a pack of cigarettes on him, but he can manage his smoking so it doesn't interfere with conversations or a request/mission.
Piano: In Saito's spare time, he enjoys playing the piano in the Guild's main room. He prefers the jazz style of music, although he grew up on classical and romantic music.
Likes: Fighting, Defending his Guild, Blades, The Fear in his Enemies' Eyes
Dislikes: Bright Colors, Cowards, Politics, Exceed
Inspiration: Ever since he failed one of his earlier missions, Saito refuses to ever repeat his mistakes. His drive to over-achieve and his work ethic are incredible, and he will not give up until the mission is complete. Sai is determined to become the great assassin he knows he can be, and will stop at nothing to make Millenium Voldgift the most threatening guild in Fiore.
Machines: Sai has a growing fear that weapons and objects with moving parts will slowly supplant human work. As a result, he would be out of a job. He also fears machines because he has never grown up around them, and finds the damage that heavy machinery and guns can do very scary. He also loathes people who use machines, especially as a weapon, because using such machines requires little skill in comparison to his many years of arduous training.
Relationships: Sokuseki fears friendships, romantic partnerships, and in some cases even association. He believes that trusting a partner would leave him vulnerable to betrayal, and that all people are treacherous.
Flowers: A bit ridiculous, but Saito can't stand the bright colors and powerful odors. He also finds the giving of flowers to be a foolish custom, since you're giving a person a dead organism as a gift.

Saito Sokuseki Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Assassin's Training
Augment Description: Sokuseki has trained for 14 years to become a powerful assassin. As a result of his training, Saito is better equipped in close combat situations and stealth situations. Specifically, he is slightly faster and has a quicker reaction time when compared to other humans. He is also constantly on alert of his surroundings, making it very difficult to catch him by surprise. The downside is that he is also very edgy with his allies too, which can prove to be a distraction in more crowded fights. His aim is superb, allowing him to essentially hit exactly where he aims within a few millimeters up to 5 meters away, and within a few centimeters from 10 meters away through pure muscle memory. He can throw any single knife after drawing it and hit with such accuracy within .4 seconds, and can throw a handful with similar accuracy within 1.1 seconds. Sai can draw knives at .8 seconds per set of knives per hand, up to 4 knives in a set (whether that is a set of 1 or a set of 4 matters not). He has trained heavily in multiple forms of martial arts, and thus is able to cope with a variety of close combat situations. His major weakness is long range, but once the gap is closed, he has an enormous advantage over almost any enemy.
Saito Sokuseki Equipmenterza
Saito Sokuseki Mainss10
Name: Protractile Hand Cuffs
Classification: Weapon
Type: Chain
Material(s): Wrought Iron
Appearance: The handcuffs are the very definition of gray. The wrought iron make them slightly heavier and more durable than standard iron, but not as much so as steel. The handcuffs are rounded where the wrists would be but flat at the ends, allowing for an easier gripping of one end. The handcuffs can extend in length anywhere from 6 inches to 1 meter in length by compacting and expanding the chain using the momentum of a swing. The wider the swing, the longer the chain. By tightly squeezing one end of the handcuff, the length can be locked in place until squeezed again, similar to some tape measures. This allows for greater versatility and surprise on offense and defense, making it difficult to pinpoint Dan's exact range.
History: Sai originally stole these from a Rune Knight as a prank, but later thought otherwise and made some modifications to the ordinary hand cuffs to make them viable as a weapon.

Saito Sokuseki 92379610
Name: Throwing Knives (Rainbow/Black)
Classification: Weapon
Type: Knife
Material(s): Titanium
Appearance: The collapsable throwing knives are about 5 inches in length when extended, with a blade just over 2 inches long. They have razor sharp edges, and collapse into the handle so it is impossible for them to cut unless retracted. The rainbow finish is much harder to see in daylight because the pattern of light that is reflected obscures its exact position. Saito uses black knives at night simply because they are nearly impossible to see without some type of enhancement in the darkness.
History: Sai buys new ones constantly from a private and unknown supplier. He brings 80 of which ever knife will be more useful on every mission. On longer missions, he'll take 72 of each, but because of the added bulk, he purposely leaves one set of 80 behind, on the ground, or with a teammate before engaging in any sort of combat. He has 3 cases of 12 on either side of his hip and 4 strapped to either wrist to be ready for use at absolutely any moment without any draw time.

Saito Sokuseki Historygray

Sokuseki Saito was born an orphan on the battlefield. He never knew his parents or where he came from; he had only ever grown to know one man, but even he couldn't be trusted. Sai was always self-serving. Growing up on the streets with some minor assistance from an anonymous benefactor, he would scavenge for food, water, and money. He made his daily routine as a thief, stealing from the local market stalls. This caused Saito to develop an ability to be stealthy and to avoid being detected by the authorities. His benefactor, after observing his daily actions over a short time, sent a messenger to Saito to offer him a proposition. Saito would be given a task, usually illegal, and he would complete it in turn for a considerable sum of money (at least, for a 6 year old child).

Over the course of a few weeks, Sai eventually had completed every task he was assigned without getting caught. This made Sai believe he had some form of diplomatic immunity- he could do whatever he wanted, and would never get caught. Once again, Sai's benefactor sent a messenger, offering him a place in a secret organization, known as Millenium Voldgift. Although Sai would not be an official member, he would be placed in a rigorous training course to prepare him for the burdens he would take on in the future.

During Sai's training from ages 7-18, Sai would train on a daily basis to hone his physique. He would be personally educated by some of the greatest minds in Fiore, paid of course by his benefactor, every week in math, anatomy, physics, psychology, history, and combat. Although Sokuseki preferred his combat classes, as he seemed to have a natural aptitude, he also learned to become very able in anatomy, physics and psychology. It were these subjects that inspired him to become a master of deception as well as a hardened assassin at the request of his benefactor.

At the age of 18, Sokuseki was sent on his first assassination mission. On his mission, he was to execute a low-level officer in the rune knights that was apparently corrupt and issuing warrants for Sai's benefactor's arrest out of pure suspicion with no hard evidence. Sokuseki understood the importance of his mission, and set out to terminate his target. Along his way, however, greed got the better of him when he saw a Colonel in the Rune Knights that was in fact the person who would lead the force to capture Sai's master. Seizing the opportunity, Sokuseki quickly swooped in and killed the Colonel. Angered by the death of his superior, the original target took control of the forces and had Sai's benefactor arrested. Frustrated at his own negligence and ignorance, Sai set out to finish off the low-ranking officer. In doing so, he was not, however, able to free his benefactor, who had to pay his bail. Ashamed of his folly, Sokuseki vowed to follow his orders regardless of other opportunities, passions, and desires he might have while on a mission.

Sokuseki's benefactor happened to be the wealthy man by the name Vayne Oberon- a man of great affluence and passion for justice. Seeking redemption, Saito swore fealty to Vayne and now serves directly under his orders at times, regardless of the demands of others.


Faceclaim: Hei - Darker Than Black
Other characters: None Yet

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