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Post by Luxin Rhodes on Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:42 pm


  1. Your character must be made before you start Rp’ing.

  2. The name of your character must be the same or similar to your user/login name, and have proper grammar. Example: Layl Azeke is a character's name, so that means the username should be either "Layl Azeke," "Layl," or "Azeke." No nicknames or titles. If you're using both the first and last name then please add the appropriate spaces. Bad: LaylAzeke, laylazeke, Laylazeke, etc.

    If your username and character's name are not the same/similar, please PM Spitfire or NPC to change it. In vice-versa, if the staff sees that your character name is not your username they will PM you 48 hours in advance that they will be changing your username to reflect your character.

  3. Do not have canon face claims… ever! Artwork is only acceptable on this site. You may not use a real person. You may use any anime/manga characters, images you have drawn yourself, or artwork done by another with the artist's permission of course. NO celebrities, models, etc. This characters face claim must be used as your avatar on this site.

  4. A maximum amount of alts allowed is 3. Anymore and they will be deleted. The admins have a method in which they can see if you have more than 3 alts. Make sure to keep the alts active or they will be put in the inactive without question. Please also note that it's one character per account.

  5. No Metagaming or Godmoding!

    Metagaming is when a character brings OOC information to the topic. Like, if the person that is controlling the character knows his enemy’s weakness, but the character doesn’t… he cannot use that knowledge because the character does not know it.

    Metagaming on Wiki: In role-playing games, metagaming is a term often used to describe players' use of assumed characteristics of the game. In particular, metagaming often refers to having a character act on knowledge that only the player has access to (such as tricking a Medusa to stare at a mirror when the character has never even heard of Medusa and should not be aware of her petrifying stare). For instance, a player might adjust his character's actions if the player has some foreknowledge of the long-term intentions of the gamemaster, or, more commonly, the GM's tendency to have (or not to have) mercy on players whose characters do things that would cause them to fail at their objectives.

    Godmoding is when you just start doing things that are practically impossible. Like if you die, you bring yourself back to life. Or you get hit my an S rank spell and nothing happens. You cannot do that! If you see someone doing it, then PM on of the Staff about it and they will take care of the matter.

    Godmoding on Wiki: In roleplay, it means trying to exert too much control over the plot and other characters, usually because the player has no concept of in character or out of character and is there to "win" and satisfy their ego rather than be creative and collaborative. Examples:

  • Invincibility
    Creating a character so powerful and invulnerable that it cannot take any damage, be incapacitated or hindered, lose a fight, feel pain etc.

  • Dictating other players' responses
    Swinging a punch and telling the other player that they are down, that they are unconscious, cut, dead or whatever. In sexual roleplay, it might mean dictating someone else's level or signs of arousal.

  • Impossibility
    Drawing a knife when your hands are tied. Pulling a bow out of your rectum when you're on the ground and hogtied (I wish I were making this up). Drawing a bow out of your rectum at all, come to that. Being held by the hair and with a knife at your throat but whizzing round and slapping your captive and disarming them.

  • Just plain silliness
    Taking the plot to asinine turns purely to avoid your character having to suffer a misfortune too weak for your manly fictitious self. Being shot at and deflecting the bullet with a penny on a string so that it flies back up the gun nozzle. Again, I wish I were making this up.

  • Anything that is used to let one character force the plot and does not enable the story to be a properly collaborative effort with plausibility.

It's annoying, anti-social, counterproductive and makes you look stupid. Nobody thinks the godmoder is strong, hard, cool or intelligent. We think you have no consideration, no understanding of roleplay and no intelligence whatsoever. Don't do it.

Be aware that the above rules can change over time or to how we see fit
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