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This is a fairly new site, being only about 2 and a half months old. Our setting takes place about 400 years into the past - x391 being the current year - and dragons freely roam Earthland. While humans and dragons are currently in peace with each other, there is darkness brewing and that fragile line of truce between them might just break soon enough.
Episode One: Bastion, The Ironclad Dragon is now open!
Enjoy your stay, and please...
Stay delirious.
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Fairy Law - xenForo

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Fairy Law - xenForo Empty Fairy Law - xenForo

Post by F.Law on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:31 am

Fairy Law is an alternate universe Fairy Tail Role Play forum running on xenForo forum software. It was created on August and has been running smoothly for the past few months. If you're interested please read the following and register and Fairy Law for an enjoyable time.

We have the following features;

  • One account / character - a new account for each character (maximum of two). Our sub account feature allows you to add the two accounts and link them together, although you still have to log out to switch between the two. Until an easier system is placed, we'll be following this method.
  • A sub account for each major NPC you control - along with your main characters, there may be those non-playable characters that help strengthen your plot and character. We allow you to easily create a sub account using our sub account system.
  • Every character (besides NPCs) start off with 1,000 jewels which are to be used for pets, spells, weapons, accessories, or other custom submissions.
  • We allow unique plots and arcs characters can build on.
  • A large variety of job requests your character can embark on with various prizes, including jewels and experience points - sometimes, even other unique prizes.
  • A world map with various locations you can be from. However, for activity purposes, only Fiore is open at this point in time.
  • An exciting an interesting plot that your character gets to be a part of! Along with these plots, we have specific events which help move the plot forward.
  • A large encyclopedia which holds various information regarding the species that roam Earthland as well as a detailed description on the different systems of each country (which is still under progress).
  • The ability to roleplay as CANON CHARACTERS from the regular Fairy Tail series through auditions to pick out the best member who brings out the personality and strength of canon characters.
  • Evil Characters - those who break the rules set in place - have the chance to earn a bounty and become a wanted fugitive by the world government and the magic council! This makes your character face dangers in a life threatening environment.
  • The face claim of one character that no one else can use! However, inactive members will have their face claim stripped from them to give active members a chance.
  • and much much more!

Our username policy is that it should match the username of the character you need to roleplay with. However, if you don't have one, when your character is approved, your username will be changed.

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