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This is a fairly new site, being only about 2 and a half months old. Our setting takes place about 400 years into the past - x391 being the current year - and dragons freely roam Earthland. While humans and dragons are currently in peace with each other, there is darkness brewing and that fragile line of truce between them might just break soon enough.
Episode One: Bastion, The Ironclad Dragon is now open!
Enjoy your stay, and please...
Stay delirious.
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Post by Spitfire on Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:33 am


  • ALWAYS RESPECT THE ADMINS AND MODERATORS. I can not stress the importance of this rule. If members continuously pester us with requests or insult us constantly we WILL NOT listen to you. At times admins/moderators jobs can be overwhelming, not to mention real life can catch up to us, making us slow workers on the site. Learn to be patient, it makes our jobs a lot more easier. Failure to comply to this rule will result in a warning, then a 24 hour ban, and then 5 day ban, then account perma-ban.

  • The most important rule of the website is to keep it clean. No dirty posts. PG-13 people! PG-13. Don't go around posting X-rated topics, because they will be archived/deleted immediately. Topics that are found to be PG-13+ will result in a warning and if done again a 2 day ban.

  • Don't go cursing at people, they have feelings. Remember that! You can swear, but not at people. Also watch your words, because they can turn into actions sometimes. Failure to comply to this rule will result in a 1 day ban.

  • Do not make racial jokes or comments about other people. We want a nice community here. Failure to comply to this rule will result in a 4 day ban. We do not encourage cyber bullying or racism so we will be harsh if racism is involved.

  • Don't argue in the chatbox. If you need to argue and nothing can stop it, we can kick you. Best advised to go somewhere else and talk privately. Failure to comply with said rule will result in a 24 hour chat box ban. If this continues, even after the CBox ban, you will get a 24 hr. account ban. After that it will be a permanent account ban and then IP ban.


As stated before (and doing so again) we are a PG-13 site according to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) system. Since they're a bit vague and it allows for people to use their own pre-conceived notions of what PG-13 is, Delirium has adapted the "universal" RPG rating system to further clarify what we mean by "PG-13."

This system is categorized into three sections: Language, Sexual Content, and Violence. They're rated from 0 to 3. Zero containing none of the things listed while three has unlimited possibilities.

If you look to the Welcome widget to the left side of the screen, you'll see that we go at 1-1-2.

Language (1): Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.
Sexual Content (1): Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts.
Violence (2): Graphic is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration of violence is allowed.

Please follow them accordingly.


We are very strict with these rules and guidelines. Here, at Delirium, we want everyone to feel accepted and be a friendly community.

  • Mind your tongue. Do not cuss when and if you cannot help it. Just because we allow it doesn't mean you can say them every other sentence or comment. It's crude and annoying.

  • Absolutely no arguments or drama. If anyone tries to start anything, they (as in both parties) will get an immediate 24 hr. ban from the CBox. And don't try to excuse yourself by saying that you were trying to "explain" or "defend" your position.

  • No overboard intimacy. That means no "hanky-panky" or heavy "make-out sessions." This site is PG-13. Hugs, holding hands, cuddling, and small kisses (ex.: pecks on the cheek or lips) are fine.

  • Don't argue over what type of content is considered PG-13. This will result in a 24 hr. ban from the CBox.

  • CBox advertising is not allowed. We have a board specifically made for that.

  • Spamming and Trolling are not allowed. Immediate CBox ban. Time is indefinite and will be up to the staff to unban the player.

  • Inappropriate and crude content are not welcomed. They are usually things that are considered as "too much information." Things that no one wants to know and bring an awkward/uncomfortable atmosphere.

  • Last of all... RESPECT yourself and everyone. Don't be too harsh on yourself or make fun of others.


We have an advertising and affiliate board. It's over here. This does not excuse you to do any other methods of advertising. This means:
  • No advertising in the CBox. REPEATED for your those who need it.

  • No advertising via PM. This will result in an account banning. No second chances.

  • No advertising via Signatures. Again. We have an advertising board. USE IT!

  • Do NOT pester other members into joining your site. That's harassment and we do not tolerate that here. Immediate ban.


No. Just no. Do not do it here or anywhere else in the internet. If we find you plagiarizing, we will warn you (quite sternly and harshly) ONCE and tell you to re-do it. Failure to listen and comply to our warnings and requests will result in an immediate ban. Arguing will result in an IP ban.

We are writers and take pride in our imagination and work. Do not cross us with this. This is one of the things that we will absolutely NOT tolerate. You have been warned.


  • Admins and moderators must be followed. If one says to change something then change something, if one wants you to remove content from your application then please remove it. Though if one asks you to follow him/her off a cliff, be sure not to follow.

  • Always use the character templates provided. If you have your own template then we don't want to see it, please keep it to yourself. Any applications that are not using the correct template will be ignored/told to change it before approval or review.

  • Do not color your applications. We know you want it to look good and everything, but you can not color the whole application. Maybe some parts, or little sentences. But not the entire portion of the application.

  • When working on an app, keep the topic make sure it is posted in the "Work In Progress" section. If it isn't then it will be moved and we will notify you of it. This doesn't mean you can be lazy and have us admins/moderators do it because you are too lazy to post it in the correct section.

  • Add the applications to the appropriate place. Don't post it in RP zones or the lounge. Make them where they are supposed to be. Like the character registration, or magic registration, etc.

Be aware that the above rules can change over time or to how we see fit

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