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Post by Syrena on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:50 pm

Celestial Magic & System


Celestial Spirit Magic is a Holder Magic used by Celestial Spirit Mages.

Through the use of “Keys” this magic may summon a Celestial Spirit through their respective gates. Here on Delirium these keys are separated into six types.


Silver Keys: Silver Keys are the most common of keys, and are often considered to be the weakest. This is not necessarily true; the strength, usefulness and function of a spirit vary between keys.

Black Keys: Black keys are a rare sight. They are often branded as dark spirits, or “outcasts”, however, this is entirely untrue; Black key spirits are former constellations but, like all keys, their alignment lies with their respective mage.

Gold Keys: Gold keys are uncommon, and considered one of the strongest of key types due to their relation to the zodiac spirits.

Zodiac Keys: Zodiac spirits are a rare type of gold key recognized amongst all mages for their strength and abilities. There are twelve Zodiac Keys in existence.

Platinum Keys: Platinum keys are well recognized for both their power and rarity. Platinum Spirits are based on planetary bodies. These keys are questioned to be even stronger than Zodiac spirits. There are nine Platinum Keys in existence.

Diamond Keys: Diamond Keys are the rarest of rare, and the most powerful of all celestial Keys. Some people are sceptical of their existence, and pass them off as rumours. There are said to be only four Diamond Keys in existence.


In Delirium EXP is used for upgrading your keys. Every key varies in strength, and this strength is determined by the “rank” of the key. A key’s rank may not be upgraded. However, mages may spend exp to train their spirits by teaching them new spells and upgrading their current spells. Every key has its own restrictions; The strengths and capabilities of each key vary depending on rank.

Sigil Slots/Key Upgrades

Unlike other mages, Celestial Spirit mages do not follow the Sigil System. The summoning restrictions vary depending on the mage's rank. However, each Celestial Spirit has its own individual sigil chart, and must upgrade and follow it accordingly; just like other mages. Celestial Spirits come with Pre-upgraded spells, but a Celestial Spirit Mage may chose to spend their EXP to teach new spells to that spirit. When a Celestial Spirit Mage purchases a spell slot, sigil slot, or tier upgrade they may use it on a spirit of their choice. There are no restrictions to the amount of spells a spirit may learn. However each spirit has restrictions in spell upgrading.

Silver Keys: May upgrade their spells to a tier equal to their key rank.
Black Keys: May upgrade their spells to a tier equal to their key rank.
Gold Keys: May upgrade their spells to a tier one rank above their key rank.
Zodiac Keys: May upgrade their spells to a tier two ranks above their key rank.
Platinum Keys: May upgrade their spells to a tier equal to their key rank.
Diamond Keys: May upgrade their spells to a tier one rank above their key rank.

Summoning and Combat Rules

Summoning a spirit requires a lot of magic; the specific amount varies depending on key rank. Likewise, it costs mp to keep a spirit in battle. However, because of the magic required to summon a spirit, it is difficult for any mage to summon multiple spirits to the field at once. Your summoning abilities will increase as you grow stronger.

As a D-rank mage, you are able to summon 1 spirit onto the field at a time.
As a C-rank mage, you are able to summon 2 spirits onto the field at a time.
As a B-rank mage, you are able to summon 2 spirits onto the field at a time.
As a A-rank mage, you are able to summon 3 spirits onto the field at a time.
As a S-rank mage, you are able to summon 5 spirits onto the field at a time.

In battle a Celestial Spirit Mage uses their own magic to summon and maintain a spirit. Each spirit then has their own magic pool dependent on key rank, which they will use in the casting of their spells. Unlike spells, a spirit's mp pool can not be upgraded. It is constant.

Creating Spirits

When you start out as Celestial Spirit Mage you are given two keys. These keys are entirely customized to suit your desires. You must create one gold and one silver key, both D-ranks with 5 spells to distribute amongst them, each requiring at least one.  This is the only time you may create your own spirit, so chose carefully and remember to be creative! Once you have finished creating your key please notify Syrena, Erik Cecere, or one of the other celestial spirit moderates to review your keys for approval. Staff members have final say on whether a key is approved or not.

Creating Spirits

Celestial Spirit mages may obtain keys through purchase, customization or as rewards. Keys will be available for purchase in the Celestial Galaxies key store. Celestial Spirit mages will be permitted to create custom keys once, when they are accepted, as their beginning keys. Alternatively, a key may sometimes be rewarded through events or missions.

Credit: Erik Cecere, Syrena, Game Master

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