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Raine Gray

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Raine Gray  Empty Raine Gray

Post by Raine on Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:52 am

Raine Gray  Original_Character___Rakus_by_dtconanjw

"I am me, I am not you, because if i were you I wouldn't be me."

Nickname(s): N/a
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Birthday: 8/3/x373
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Eternal Feather
Guild Tattoo: Blue, on the inside of his Right Palm

Raine Gray  Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Raine stands a nice 5'9 and holds this to great stature. He weighs about... 160? He doesn't really know as he doesn't like checking. He has steel blue hair which is very spiky and even has a bang covering his left eye. He has a soft face, which includes a rather small nose, expressive eyes, and thin lips. which usually ends with a smile on his end. He has emerald green eyes which for the most part are rather soft but can be piercing when he chooses. He is not very muscular, rather he has very lean muscle so he can fend a bit for himself, while not showing off. Um he has a tendency to snapping his fingers when he's talking, or adding it right to the end of his sentences. "You're looking real... cool~ *snap*" Has a weird way of talking as, unless he forces it, talks with a rather sarcastic tone, this is just something he does and truly never means that much offense. Also when he's by himself he tends to fiddle with his hands if he's not doing anything as it is his own way of practicing his magic. Other than that he tends to be rather shifty eyes as he likes to look at his surroundings.
Attire/Clothing: Raine has a very nice set of clothes that he owns several of. He owns a pair of fingerless Steel Blue leather Gloves. Wears an odd Beige dress shirt with one arm torn off into a short sleeve, the tails on both the front and back form into an X formation, the fabric of the shirt is just regular cotton and while the outside of the shirt is a tad rough, the inside is soft.. Wears a navy armband around the arm of his long sleeve side of his shirt. Wears just some regular old blue pants, nothing really abnormal with this one. Wears some black shoes and ya... Just some black shoes. they're comfy so they can't be that great... um lets see what else Raine can enjoy wearing... He wears a necklace which he bought... This simple necklace has a pendant which is a small iron's claw clutching a small marble which is in a cat eye pattern. Owns a black Fedora hat which he rares from time to time.
Abnormalities: Right Ear piercing

Raine Gray  Personalucy

Personality: Having an big ego and a strong sense of pride, he thinks of himself as the best and is not concerned about his height in the world. Even at a young age of four years old he had already started heading towards being a pervert, firstly by peeping and then being more bold he would start lifting blouses. Raine also is a compassionate person for people that he becomes friends with and would also protect them with his life. He does not have a hard time making friends its just his pride gets the better of him and that tends to drive them away from him. When Raine gets angry, he becomes a merciless blood thirsty monster and tends to not give out and keep going on pure anger but its rare for him to get angry as he always has a calm and composed body language, he learned that he would have to become like this. No one likes a giant ball of hate, rage and fighting prowess. Another thing he is very proud of him self is that fact that he can analyze things and make decision on a split second, he has great analytic skills and calculations for were something might land or how it will react to objects, however he keeps that a secret for tactical purposes. Though for seeming so nasty he is rather nice to be around, like that guy who goes to every party and is super fun to be around but cant get out of that mentality unless he has to. Ya that guy, sigh such a shame he just wants to make friends and 'special friends' is that so wrong. In short; He's a proud and smart man who likes giving the ladies a swing for their money while secretly just wants to make and strengthen his bonds.
Reading - .... He reads?
Socializing - He likes to chat
Training - Always gotta get better!
Sculpting - He likes to make some ice and to shape it the good ol fashion way(made a small business off it too)
Likes: Women, Adventuring, Loyalty, Rum, Sweets, Books, Helping out, Map making, Sailing, Fishing.
Dislikes: Spicy food, Dishonesty, Deserters, That blond bimbo on the 2nd floor c'mon guys you know who i'm talking about.
Inspiration: Being World Renown! Being surrounded by friends! Getting the chance to see rare sights!
Fears: Being Alone... Frogs, they're just creepy to him… Anything with small eyes for their size, such as giant rats and the odds, it just creeps him out to such a degree.

Raine Gray  AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augments are optional and not required.
Augment Name: Ice Sculpting
Augment Description: Due to his love of art but his HORRIBLE drawing skills he took the up the craft of his craft and excels in sculpting with ice. Sure he could just make an ice sculpture with his ice make, but he enjoys the hard work of it and is truly gifted in his sculpting.

Augment Name: Adept Precision
Augment Description: Due to his love of ice sculpting, he has learned how to be steady and precise(So he wouldn't mess anything up). Of course this has traveled into his other skills but it mainly shows in his craft.

Raine Gray  Equipmenterza

Equipments are optional and not required,unless you are planning on becoming a Holder Type Mage.

Name: Hammer
Classification: Weapon(?)
Type: Hammer
Material(s): Iron
Appearance: It's a small hammer...
History: He bought it

Name: Chisel
Classification: Weapon(?)
Type: Chisel
Material(s): Iron
Appearance: It's a chisel...
History: Bought it...

Raine Gray  Historygray

Aw yes Raine's life... He was born to two mages, a Flame Mage and a Time Mage, god knows how they got a kid who specialized in Ice magic came from. Either way all was good! Until he became Seven and his parents met a tragic end on a S ranked Quest set out by their guild. Ya he doesn't remember which guild but yes he was cliched and alone. Being orphaned at seven was not ideal. Some people tried to take him into the local orphanage and lets say the trauma unlocked his first... Accident! To this day he wonders if those people got out of being a Popsicle. Yes that was the first time he tapped into powerful magic... So off he went and did what rebels did! He set off and wandered.

So about 3 years later after he started his nomadic wandering, in which he learned how to live off the land as well as some basics of basics of his craft. He had met another child just like him, a little girl, around his age, he wasn't sure, just like his mother would say, "it's rude to ask a woman about her age." He took that to heart and never asked. Either way, he considered her a friend, and this all he cared about. So he was steady for awhile with a friend and it was good... Until a band of rouges came in between that and almost killed the both of them because... Of his inability to make anything fluid or useful with his ice... He decided that enough was enough... He choked out for her a farewell and left that place. He needed to become truly strong instead of relying on 'accidents' so he would go off and do just that.

So he set off and trained himself and did the best he could do! Until he was fourteen... Anyone seeing a pattern here? Either way this time it was simple... He got his ass handed to him by a lightning Mage... It was embarrassing for him. He could do nothing against this guy, absolutely nothing. His simple ice make did nothing against the destructive power of his lightning. He was wrecked and beaten and just lied there... Than someone came up to him and offered to let him join a guild. Simply saying "You may be weak now but with time you could be amazing!" Him, having nothing to lose, simply agreed. So than he was taken to the headquarters of the Eternal Feather and it positively absolutely amazing, at first glance he stood there in awe... He couldn't believe how lavished it look! So he just smiled and just took everything in and did his now job. Learned, did small jobs... And in a long time... Was happy to belong somewhere again.


Faceclaim: None
Notes: ... None?
Other Characters: None

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Raine Gray  Empty Re: Raine Gray

Post by Syrena on Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:40 pm

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Changes were discussed in the c-box and made to the application. I'm so happy you're here and apart of the new guild Eternal Feather!!

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