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Zack Johnson

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Post by Zack Johnson on Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:54 pm

Zack Johnson Zack_zpsb7dc58d7

"Life that has been lost cannot be brought back again. That very truth is what shows us the meaning and value of living."

Name(s): Zack Johnson
Nickname(s): -Currently none-
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Birthday: 11/03/x387
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Light mage
Rank: D Rank

Guild: Fairy tail
Guild Tattoo: A crimson red Tattoo located on the left upper arm.

Zack Johnson Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Zack has been a member at his fathers dojo, Due to this reason his body is well trained for a 17 year old boy. His back muscles look fine as many sword strikes increase the power of a punch due to the trained back muscles. Even though his body is trained due to being a swordfighter, a lot of training is put into speed making his body still thin enough and less musculair as you would expect. He has a very light tan covering his skin which fits his red brownish hair. His brown eyes express themselves very simply as the eyes are in contrast with his hair. His face is simply smooth and young. He always walks at a slow pace as he shows to be relaxed. Yet a fight can excite him. He is 1,87cm tall and has a weight of 76kg. In some eyes he might be a roll model but his body is not as perfect as it is expected to be. There is still a lot of room for improvement.
Attire/Clothing: Zack has no complete taste for clothes, his first thing in mind is the compability his clothes have with weilding the blade. He wears wide trousers which makes him move his legs when needed. Its made of fine the material cotton. Holding his pants up he would own a brown leathered belt which seems to be wide for a belt. A shirt is tucked in his pants as its a thight shirt showing his trained body through the shirt, Yet it stretches making it comfortable enough to move in. The black shirt has short sleeves with a  brown jacket covering the arms till three fourth. The jacket reaches just below his waist, making his looks complete with a pair of gloves without finger tops. He mostly has a bag and a katana with him making him hold his luggage over his right shoulder.
Abnormalities: Zack does not have any Tattoo other then his guild Tattoo, neither does he have the need for any piercings. Though because of his past he does have a cross scar on his back showing him to never leave his back unguarded to a downed enemy.

Zack Johnson Personalucy

Personality: Zack has been a lonewolf as he has been at the top of his dojo. He never knew how to work with other people let alone compliment them. This makes others feel like he is showing a cold shoulder being quiet and relaxed. Yet for such a person he does have a sense for justice even without showing it. He would love to have people just as strong or people to look up to yet he does not like to look weak. The reason he joins a guild is for him to belong somewhere. He does hold himself back yet when he feels at home he knows how to smile and laugh. He loves to just lay down and relax, watching at the starts thinking about the future and the past. For some reason Zack is not good with the female gender. He does not exactly know what to say yet he would give his best. He seems like a calm fighter and is known to take his time being smart. Zack can actually be really nervous during fights and when shown a though opponent he will feel the sensation of a good fight making him happy and often making him grin. Since Zack is only 17 years old there is still a lot of ways to grow depending how the guild is that he joins. But even if he were to change he would not be able to look away from something what is evil according to him.
Hobbies: Watching the sky, He loved it as a kid and it makes him relax. Fighting, he loves the sensation that it brings. Swordtraining, It reminds him of the place where he came from and his father.
Likes: Friendship, Food, Fighting, Swords.
Dislikes: Bad manners, Evilness, Guns, Strong scents.
Inspiration: When Zack was a kid he often saw and heared about the mage guilds he liked them yet he was not inspired to join them yet, When Zack was out to get grocery a few dojo contenders that lost attacked him. He seemed to have won yet he let down his guard resulting in a scar on his back. It was  a mage that came to his rescue, as for justice his driving power is to help people just like that mage who helped him.
Zack has a giant fear, its called the fear of death. As he almost died when he was younger its something that keeps in his mind.
Zack has a fear of losing as it was beat into him by his father when he was young.
Zack his last fear is losing his father(Friends) as it would make him alone and make him suffer emotional reasons that he would not understand.

Zack Johnson AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augments are optional and not required.
Augment Name:  Currently none
Augment Description: Augments are trait of the character that set him or her apart from other characters. These are a bit more extreme than abnormalities. Augments can be like having animal parts. They could also include things like ambidexterity or Photographic memory. These can also be curses, like turning into a werewolf during the full moon. If these aid in combat, they should be really weak, but if they are plot only, we'll trust that people won't abuse them. You can have as many that apply to your character, but the staff will intervene if someone tries to give their character every augment under the sun.

Zack Johnson Equipmenterza

Equipments are optional and not required,unless you are planning on becoming a Holder Type Mage.

Name: Dragon's claw
Classification: Weapon
Type: Katana
Material(s):  Tamahagane
Appearance: Dragon's claw is looks like an ordinary katana yet it has a sharp black blade. The katana hold has red flames on it like a dragon's fire.
History: He recieved the weapon from his father after he left the dojo to join a magic guild

Zack Johnson Historygray

Zack is born in oak town. A town that has many hardships and also a need of soldiers. Zack his father makes use of this fact and owns a dojo. This dojo trains soldiers and Holder mages. Zack has been training in this dojo for aslong as he remembers and has a talent for battle. Zack who was known for his talents and as the son of the dojo boss he was attacked by a group of people who lost against the dojo trying to steal the dojo sign and make themselves well known. Zack had little trouble taking down five small flies yet he did not know he would face an ambush when he turned around. The downed opponents were not yet settled by their defeat and as Zack walked into the leader of their group when he turned being schocked he got wounded on his back. 2 swords cut his back open making him lose blood and almost concious. He drops too the floor as the group starts kicking into him as a sudden flare of fire pushes the group away from him. A mage came to his rescue, After the enemies fled away the mage would smile and help him to a local doctor. Zack can not remember the face of his saviour yet he wants to be a hero just like him. Protecting the civilians against unjust acts of evil. Zack had a friend around the same age being able to use wind magic. To become a mage just like his saviour he studied from his friend hiding the fact from his father. He learned a lot yet not being able to completely use everything he was thought. Then when he turned 17 he finally decided to join a guild. He heared rumours about a great guild and heads to that direction. The guild is called: Fairy tail.


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Zack Johnson
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