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Mugen (The Shopkeeper)

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Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Empty Mugen (The Shopkeeper)

Post by Skorn on Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:38 am

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"Don't let the negativity given to you by the world dis empower you. Instead give to yourself that which empowers you..."

Name: Mugen (Uknown to all except those who were once close to him)
Nickname(s): Skorn
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Birthday: 5, August X368
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Shopkeeper, Neutral
Rank: D

Guild: N/A
Guild Tattoo: N/A

Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Mugen is a tall man standing at 6'4', while he is tall he is not overly muscular, instead he has long lean athletic muscles. He weights probably close to 180lbs but you can't tell due to his absurd height. Mugen's hair is a dark blue color that can usually be seen worn back in a pony tail or loose down around his shoulders. His eyes are a deep red or soft orange pending on the lighting in the room. While he has very few mannerisms to go off there are two overly noticeable ones. He always slouches, not as though he is ashamed of how tall he is or anything it's just more comfortable for him to be the same height as other people. The other is the nosebleeds, and it's not the traditional nosebleed from being a pervert. It's his scar, at times even though it has fully healed it will bleed. A Small blood trail will just shimmy down his face, oddly enough it only happens when he is flirting with women. He thinks it was his wife's way of saying never leave me. And that when the time came the right girl wouldn't make his scar bleed because his wife would know that this woman could make him happy.

Attire/Clothing: His hair is usually tied back by a red ribbon but at times he will wear it down. His attire is a red kimono with white flower pedals on the base of the sleeves, and at the base of the kimono. Under the kimono his chest is bare while his stomach has a light layer of bandages. His pants are simple black into a pair of "Clog" like sandals. His upper chest is heavily layered with tattoo's the left side having a row of cherry blossoms while the right has tribal designs that go all the way up to his face. Around his neck he wears a solid black choker. that has a gold design, and another red ribbon hanging from it. Surprisingly Mugen does not wear socks instead he wears bandages wrapped down to his mid foot. Around his waist he sports a soft gold belt that has a thin red layer in the middle. Around his wrists they are light black gloves embedded with simple green stones. Along with small brown prayer beads on both wrists.

Abnormalities: A single straight scar across his nose.

Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Personalucy

Personality: Mugen is a laid back man that wears a smile at almost all times. He speaks in a polite but sarcastic manner, this trait is something that bothers many people but it's who he is. When forced with most types of conflicts Mugen tends to dismiss them and continue to mind his business, not wanting to get his own hands dirty unless he has to. That being said Mugen is not afraid to engage in combat by any means at all. He is more often than not a bystander never trying to take direct actions in most events. His eyes are always searching and finding information that others tend to overlook, least to say he is quite the perceptive man. Mugen is a very kind man, helping those in need is not something he strays from, even if their need is something dark and or corrupt. His kindness reaches to children and adults alike, however he always vanishes before they manage to say thank you to him. Mugen has a tendency to just make up what's right and wrong to serve his needs. Needs Change and so does his judgment of right and wrong. In any non casual situation he tends to become more serious, his eyes focusing on his objective, his body language changing from relaxed to serious, and looking to get things done. In social situations he drinks and smiles acting like the world is just part of a never ending dream, that does not mean he is happy though. Happiness is something he strives for but seems to never be able to achieve.

*Crafting Magical Items, he is a magic item connoisseur kinda falls into the territory to craft them.
*Smoking, sometimes nothing is more relaxing in the world than sitting back and smoking away.
*Dreaming, when there is down time at the store Mugen is and always will be sleeping on a couch located in the main room of the shop. After all who is he without his dreams? If he is out adventuring he will sleep under tree's left and right, just to get comfortable, and feel like he is at home.
*Flirting with women who seem strong, a challenge is always better when a strong beautiful woman presents it.
*Darts, While Mugen is not sleeping at the shop, he is often sitting on the couch throwing darts at a single board across the room.

* Sake
* Wisdom
*Mental Chess
*Word games
*Magical lore
*Love and Lucky

*People who are overly happy
*Shallow people
*Home Sickness

Inspiration: Well, magic isn't really his thing. But magic is a tool used to make life infinitely easier, and lets be honest. Who doesn't want an easier life?

Fears: To lose at the game of love. Soft and cuddly things.. (Stuffed animals scare him) Strawberries, He is convinced that they cause people to enter a delirium like state. Betrayal is Mugen's biggest fear, the few people he does call friends or allies he does not want to lose.

Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augments are optional and not required.
Augment Name: N/A
Augment Description:N/A

Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Equipmenterza

Equipments are optional and not required,unless you are planning on becoming a Holder Type Mage.

Name: Autumn
Classification: Weapon
Type: Scimitar
Material(s): Steel, gold, twine,
Appearance: A long curved blade with a hollowed out center the hilt is black with the guard is cross shaped and inlaid with golden designs. I red tassel hangs from the hilt.
History: There is not much to be said about the sword Mugen carries on his person. It's just one he took a liking to at a young age and has held onto.

Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Historygray

Both of the Mugen's parents died while he was an infant, leaving Mugen to Live with his grandfather in a place that seems lost the the rest of society.. Mugen's grandfather was a kind man never judging the boy for his deeds and raising him to be an upstanding young man. In this small house isolated from the world he learned to read, write, cast spells, and even swordplay from his grandfather. Mugen was far different from his grandfather though, as his talent for magic was very lacking while his mastery of sword play was booming. Non the less his grandfather loved him with all his heart teaching him that even sword play can be used to defend the things you love. As the years went by his grandfather grew ill and eventually died leaving Mugen alone. Mugen decided he wanted to make his grandfather proud and began to train magic more and more. It would be expected that his magic would grow with years of training however that was far from the case. His sword skills continually improved while his magic suffered. Events changed as he got older, he met a woman around the age of 18 and courted her. Marrying her and moving off into the city. His wife was a loveable woman until fate pulled her away from him. In a magic lesson gone wrong, she was hit by a fireball while out shopping for that nights dinner. Mugen was nowhere around and unable to protect his loved one. Until it was to late, in her last moments she took a dagger and cut Mugen across the face, saying that she loved him enough to leave a scar that would always remind him of her. Alone and broken in the city Mugen fell into a deep depression working dead end jobs just scrapping his way by. He had nothing to live for at this point.

"My past will never go away will it" he said to himself as he sipped his warm Saki. 3 years had passed since the time he lost everything and left the city. All he has done is wander aimlessly doing odd jobs here and there looking for what salvation he can. He didn't sleep much anymore dreams of his past always came back to haunt him. Drunk and down on his luck. He began to believe his own magic to be a curse. "Things can change" he thought as he finished the Saki payed the tab and left. Stumbling down the street he fell to his knees as tears ran from his eyes he cursed the gods for making him into a man not being capable of helping those he cared about. As the tears rolled down a hand gently clasped his shoulder as he turned and swung in a rage there his grandfather and wife were standing with smiles. "Don't let the negativity given to you by the world dis empower you. Instead give to yourself that which empowers you." With those words his grandfather vanished. "I will be strong" Mugen declared as he raised to his feet and wiped the tears. His wife took 3 steps forward and touched the scar she gave him. "We will always be right here" she said softly as her hand moved down directly above his heart. His drunken state seemed to vanish in that very instance. He turned and began his way toward the towns arena. He would make a name for himself and be happy, the ones he used to love need that out of him more than anything else.

The next year he spent fighting in arena's around the continent making a name for himself. Mugen of the dawn was his favorite nickname. He earned enough money to settle in the country and live happily for years. Instead he decided he would buy a trading guild named "Love and Lucky" One of those things he had found, the other was what he needed to find the first again. He was new to the trading business but, it was a suitable life for the man that had no idea where to go from now.


[b] Dramatical Murder[/b] Koujaku

Notes: Love and Lucky shop owner.
Other Characters: I'm the One and Only Mugen

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Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Empty Re: Mugen (The Shopkeeper)

Post by Erik Cecere on Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:28 pm

There are just a few things I need you to change.

Personality is 244/250 words. Sorry, you'll need to reach the word count before I can accept you~

History: Your history is fine except for one little thing. It says you chose to "buy a trading guild", I can't allow this. Even if you worked ofr years, yet alone still not having enough money to, I can't allow you to buy the entire guild. I can allow you to JOIN love and lucky, and for story purposes you may have bought a store in a town of your choice. Though this would be for story purposes.

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Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Empty Re: Mugen (The Shopkeeper)

Post by Skorn on Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:01 pm

zzzz Bump

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Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Empty Re: Mugen (The Shopkeeper)

Post by Syrena on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:09 pm

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Mugen (The Shopkeeper)  Empty Re: Mugen (The Shopkeeper)

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