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Cyrus Kincaid

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Cyrus Kincaid Empty Cyrus Kincaid

Post by Kincaid on Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:17 pm

Character Image

Cyrus Kincaid Jack_of_Blades___redo_by_Isa_Uruz

"In darkness there is light. In man, there is nothing but darkness."

Nickname(s): Crimson Nova
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Birthday: 04/03/x371
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Tartaros
Guild Tattoo: Left palm; crimson.

Cyrus Kincaid Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Cyrus stands just barely at the 6 foot mark, maybe a little more. He ways in at the 160lb mark when completely naked. Cyrus has an average build, not crazy muscular, but he isn't a twig either. He could be compared to that of a track star. Of course it's pretty hard to tell since every inch of his body is generally covered up. Cyrus has strange, gold eyes that are the only real thing you can see from behind the mask. His eyes are piercing and generally the last thing a person notices before they're charred to a crisp or mummified as the moisture is pulled from their body.

If Cyrus actually pulls back his hood, people can see that he has brown, closely cut, but somewhat shaggy hair. He has no facial hair behind his mask due to the burned and scarred over flesh. Cyrus has mastered the art of being as undetectable as possible. He moves lightly, sits down without throwing himself into a chair, and does everything with as little noise as possible. He even has learned how to control his breathing so that when it's cold it will not condensate in front of him and be noticeable, even when his mask is off. The man is like a ninja, a ninja that likes to light stuff on fire.

Attire/Clothing: Let's start with his trademark mask, which he almost never takes off. In fact Cyrus could count the number of people that have seen his face on one hand. His mask is made of a bone white ivory with painted crimson coming down from the top almost like streaking blood. There are spiked shapes etched into the forehead and eyebrow section of the mask as well as some running along the jaw line. Cyrus wears a ragged and rather tattered old red shawl over his armor. Although the shawl looks tattered from the outside, inside it is a full jacket of crimson silk with pockets lining the inside to hold various tools. The shawl has a hood that covers the back of his head while the masks obviously hides the front. Beneath this tattered red shawl is iron chain mail.

However, the chain mail is completely hidden beneath the shawl so it is rare for anyone to be able to notice it unless they actually hit him. Finally, ending with the legs and feet, Cyrus wears an obsidian colored pair of metal leggings. The leggings are made of a lightweight metal alloy, allowing him flexibility and little movement impairment. The same alloy makes up his gauntlets which he always has on so it's difficult to actually see his guild mark. Beneath everything though is his full body suit, skin tight and black that keeps him protected from the heat of his spells.

Abnormalities: If he ever takes off his clothes/armor and mask it will become quite apparent just how disfigured this man is. He has burn marks running the length of the left side of his face. They are scarred over and just plain disgusting to look at. As for his body, he has multiple burn marks across his chest and arms. His back looks like it was put through a meat grinder at some point as the whip slashes from his life as a slave have carved deep lines into his back that have scarred over.

Cyrus Kincaid Personalucy

Personality: Cyrus is a pretty quiet guy. He enjoys his books and being alone for the most part and rarely says anything other than what is absolutely necessary to be said. He doesn't make small talk, he doesn't go to parties, and he rarely makes friends. Cyrus doesn't care for anyone, he either respects them, or he doesn't. It's really as simple as that. The only social gathering he finds reasonably enjoyable are guild meetings. Cyrus tolerates these because it generally means he has an excuse to get out of the guild and go burn something down or slaughter a village. Cyrus believes that idle hands make for weak characters so he is usually always doing something productive that will benefit him either physically or mentally. Whether it's reading, training, or simply going for a walk to study the area around him and become more accustomed to it, the man is literally always doing something.

Cyrus has no religious beliefs and views religion as a whole as pointless and made only for those that need hope in their lives because they're too pathetic to function on their own. He is straight as far as sexuality is concerned but cares little for women. He only uses them when his needs need to be fulfilled but will never try to make a relationship of it or go out of his way for one. Cyrus does not like to stay out in the open, he prefers dark, quiet corners to do his reading or any other task. He doesn't like to be bothered and isn't a very sociable person. He would much rather prefer everyone just minded their own business and looked out for themselves.

In battle he is vicious. He cares little for mess and isn't bother when blood is spilled, though when around him the blood usually evaporates without leaving a trace anyway. Cyrus doesn't believe in mercy. You are either strong enough to survive or pathetic enough to die quickly. If your death is slow and agonizing, it isn't his fault, it's yours for not being strong or weak enough. When fighting in a group with his fellow guild members he will not put his life on the line or help them out solely because they are in his guild but only if he finds them necessary to the current mission at hand. If he believes that they are useless or a hindrance, he will not bat an eye as the life is sucked out of their's.

Reading- Cyrus enjoys reading books on philosophy and human nature. He likes finding out how the world works and forming his own speculations. He follows no religion and believes it is completely pointless as he strives to discover the workings of the world.

Hunting- Cyrus enjoys hunting, he finds pleasure in being up close and personal with an animal. He respects them and likes a good challenge, a thrill in a hunt, something to get his heart racing and his mind inspired.

Fire/Setting Things on Fire- Cyrus's third and easily most destructive hobby is fire. He likes making fires, contained or wild, and watching them burn. He enjoys watching them consume everything in their path and respects their raw power. Cyrus also is extremely intrigued by the way flames move and flicker, it fascinates him greatly.


  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Burning things
  • Quiet


  • Loud people/sounds
  • Being told what to do
  • His face
  • Slave holders/abusive superiors in any relationship for anyone

Inspiration: His desire to kill any and all that oppress the weak and beat the powerless. Cyrus is driven by the need to not help those in danger but to kill those that put them in that position. These are two very different concepts. He learned magic, specifically this type of magic, so that he can watch those that sin against others burn as they will in hell.
Tight Spaces- Cyrus has a fairly serious case of claustrophobia, no he isn't afraid of santa claus, but tight spaces freak him out. He doesn't like not having room to move or an escape plan, it makes him feel trapped and although he doesn't noticeably panic on the outside, he generally is scared out of his mind on the inside.

Powerless- Cyrus has always hated manipulative magic that is used to control others or show them false promises. He doesn't like them being used and fears being at their mercy.

Spiders- This one isn't so much a fear as it is a massive hatred and dislike towards the creatures. Cyrus has no care for spiders, he finds them revolting and completely useless. They are tricksters and trap setters, things he hates in people and so he hates spiders.

Cyrus Kincaid AugmentHappy_zps0df2c473

Augments are optional and not required.
Augment Name: Ambidextrous
Augment Description: Fairly self explanatory, anything Cyrus can do with his right hand, he can do with his left and vice-versa.

Cyrus Kincaid Equipmenterza

Name: Senbon
Classification: Weapon
Type: Throwing needles
Material(s): Steel
Cyrus Kincaid 2237222-525px_senbon.svg
History: These senbon have little to no meaning to Cyrus, they're simply useful tools made to help with his Scorch Magic. He generally carries about 20 with him at a time.

Name: Heat Resistant, Full Body Suit
Classification: Armor
Type: Skin tight body suit under armor and clothing.
Material(s): Latex like material that is heat resistant.
Cyrus Kincaid Morphsuit-black-msbk
History: This suit is used to keep Cyrus safe when he uses his destructive magic. It shields his body from the heat that is produced and will allow him to use his spells at close range without suffering the drawbacks as quickly. This only helps up to a certain degree and over time he will still suffer the consequences of prolong exposure to his spells, but it helps slow the progression of the side effects.

[center]Cyrus Kincaid Historygray

Cyrus grew up as a slave. When he was born, he was born to a single woman, only 17 at the time. She could not provide for him so she left him on the doorstep of the biggest house she could find in town. She figured the more money they had, the easier they could provide for her bastard child. The only problem with this theory is that the old man she left her son to was a bastard himself. He was downright evil, acquiring his money from conflict diamonds and human trafficking. The man allowed Cyrus to grow up strong and in a cushioned life so that he would be a good worker. At the age of 12 Cyrus was put out to the yard, given a small shed to stay in with five other young men and women and that was that. He became a slave for the man, doing what he was told and being beaten multiple times a week. The whippings were pretty bad, leaving his back cut up with rags of bloodied skin falling from his back as he tried to cry himself to sleep from the pain. The worst was the burning though, that was the old baron man's favorite form of torture. Whether he got some sick pleasure off of the smell of burned flesh or just the horrible screams that the children let out as it happened, Cyrus was never sure.

At the age of 16 Cyrus decided he had to try to gain the man's trust, so he did. He worked hard as a slave, became the man's favored, although that wasn't saying much, and eventually was allowed to go into town to collect supplies. What the man didn't know was Cyrus would buy books while in town. He'd pick up philosophy books, psychology books, most importantly magic books. He'd stash them away, cutting open his mattress and hiding them in there. As the months went by, Cyrus studied more and more, teaching himself magic and using his hate and fear of the flames to fill his magic potential.

After a year or so, when Cyrus was 17, he was caught reading. The old man broke in with two other slaves and found Cyrus reading one of his magic books. Cyrus was horrified as the man brought out the torch, fire licking at the tip. He held it up near Cyrus's face as the other two slaves held him down, his frame nowhere near powerful enough to throw off the two burly individuals. He screamed and that's when it happened, Cyrus used his first spell. He pressed his hands against the men's chests and suddenly they shriveled up like raisins, dead almost instantaneously. Cyrus batted away the torch and watched as it set the tiny wooden shack ablaze. The man pulled a knife on him but Cyrus was faster and much, much angrier as he sent off another spell. This one, a tiny ball of magic power that drifted towards the man, sunk into him and engulfed him in an inferno of flame.

After that day Cyrus left the mansion, watching it burn in the distance. The other slaves scattered as well so no one was around when the authorities and a representative of the council came to put out the fire and investigate. He was never pinned with the murder or arson considering he never technically existed as far as personal records were concerned. The old man never registered any of his slaves as people, just property, so they were never given a name or ID. In fact, it wasn't until a few months after escaping that Cyrus decided to name himself.

When he was 19 he discovered Tartaros and the history...


[b]Fable Series[/b] - Jack of Blades

Other Characters: Just him

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Cyrus Kincaid Empty Re: Cyrus Kincaid

Post by Heero Villenn on Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:29 pm

Senbon: How many needles are there?

Full body suit: There's going to be some technicalities here via fire damage so I'm not sure. Let me talk it over with the others before I do anything

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Cyrus Kincaid Empty Re: Cyrus Kincaid

Post by Kincaid on Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:50 pm

I added in a line for the number of Senbon (20 per topic) and as for the suit I understand your concerns. Just so you know I don't mean for it to be a defensive type armor against anyone else, just myself haha. Let me know what you guys decide.


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Cyrus Kincaid Empty Re: Cyrus Kincaid

Post by Heero Villenn on Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:53 pm

As long as it doesn't affect others magic It's fine.

By the power vested in me I deem this app Approved!

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Cyrus Kincaid Empty Re: Cyrus Kincaid

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