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Sofia Simonide

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Sofia Simonide Empty Sofia Simonide

Post by Sofia A. Simonide on Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:46 am

___________ Sofia Antoniou Simonide ___________

Sofia Simonide Lammy.240.1297770

"Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies...I think the next part is I'm supposed to hit you, so please fall down! Please...? I won't ask again."

Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Birthday: 11th November, X375
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Questionably Neutral
Rank: D Rank

Guild: Sable Pantera
Guild Tattoo: Side of left shoulder | An illogical mixture of lime green and jet black

Sofia Simonide Appearancenatsu

Her many appearances:

Sofia Simonide Happy.Tree.Friends.240.1359110
Sofia Simonide Lammy.240.1133708
Sofia Simonide Lammy.240.998477
Sofia Simonide Happy.Tree.Friends.240.1164451

Physical Characteristics: Some days Sofia’s hair dances around the violet spectrum of the rainbow, other days it hovers relentless over white. And then there are times when her hair growths exponentially within a night, and shortens at the drop of a bat as if some invisible forced cut it off. To others, it seems to change by magic; however, Sofia knows it is Pikels' who helps her decide what she looks like best that day. Similarly, the pupils of her eyes, her nails, and even her clothes are affected by Pikels’ influence.

Whether by choice or by inability, Pikels is unable to actually alter much of Sofia’s body, a limitation which has given some stability to Sofia’s fair yet sickly appearance. Possessing a small body, no taller than 5’3” | 160 cm. and ranging in weight around 99 – 107 lbs. | 45 kg. – 49 kg., her appearance is unhealthy enough to appear close to death. Small in stature, miniscule in size, it’s almost as if Sofia was built to be the picture of a frail looking female.

Far from the perception, Sofia is actually fit for a lady of her appearance at her age. The body that many mistake as weak and in desperate need of protection like a wounded animal, Sofia’s body is actually much more capable of matching the average mage's physical capabilities. Another influence not many can deduce is Pikels’ doing.

Uncared for and sickly, Sofia’s nails are kept trimmed as an active woman would; uncommonly, Sofia does actively take the time and effort to ensure a pristine appearance, even polishing them should she find the need. To hers and Pikels' displeasure, because of his ability to properly alter her nails, Sofia must rely on her own inexperienced abilities to beautify her hands.

Unsurprisingly, Sofia does not have a particularly impressive chest. Kept hidden by her layer upon layers, it’s easy for people of any gender to mistake Sofia’s age, and sometimes her gender should they fail to take note of the rest of her physical body. Another aspect Pikels just can't seem to alter, even if he wished it.

In spotting Sofia, her large positive steps, and her carefree happy spirit seem to help people identify Sofia; but for the truly blind, her uplifting voice and singsong accent can help them identify Sofia, if only somewhat. Both a blessing and a curse for Sofia to be so easily found.

Attire/Clothing: Comfort, and necessity. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, it won’t help Sofia; if it isn’t necessary, Sofia shouldn’t need it.

A common regularly seen outfit Sofia wears, or something similar, is a long sleeved turtle sweater and a long skirt. Like her hair and eyes, the color of these clothes change as often as the moon. Sometimes they match, sometimes they clash; others times they turn monochrome, and most of the times stay plain up top yet colorful below her waist. Temperature does not matter, as Sofia would say. Temperature does not dictate whether or not she covers herself from neck to toe.

The need to appear modest and hide as much of her skin from prying eyes as a rule. A recurring theme in her clothing is the lack of any clothing which reveal the contours of her body. Hiding under her layers, Sofia even prefers skin colored stockings, a preference Pikels shares. As long as Sofia doesn’t stand out, she will wear it.

On occasion Sofia absolutely has to throw away commonality and don the most unique item and the most expressive clothing. Sofia and Pikels’ favorite is a heavy dress with a thickness to it. Unlike Sofia’s other outfit themes, this one does reveal a bit a skin just between her thigh highs and the end of the dress.

Abnormalities: Sofia’s hair, eye, and nails change color from time to time between the violet and white spectrum of color; her clothing, while less often, changes alongside as a result of Pikels’ tampering.

Sofia Simonide Personalucy

Personality: Sofia is, was a sweet child. Full of laughter, excited and curious about the entire world around her; and in some ways, she still is.

The main difference between the present and the past is how lifeless her actions seem. Instead of learning for the excitement of learning, instead of doing for the passion of doing, Sofia does because she has to. The only way to see this extremely subtle variation is to either: a, know her beforehand; or b, see Sofia repeat the same actions day after day in a mechanical fashion, doing anything and everything exactly the same way. From the amount of steps she takes to the words she chooses; subtle, but for the careful observers highly indicative of some problem. A rare sight for anyone to see; but, should Sofia stay in the same place long enough, such a sight becomes a possibility.

Other than that, Sofia is perceived as a happy go lucky lady; a joy to be around, an absolute wonder to talk to, down to earth, polite, and a bit of tease. Not teasing to antagonize, but mere teasing at a person’s little insecurities; little things they don’t like others to know about, such as a crush or lopsided eyes. Of course, Sofia would never that on purpose! She never does anything on purpose from wanting; she only does anything from needing.

After much observation, some may believe Sofia has no thoughts of her own, but that isn’t true at all. Sofia chooses foods which fit her taste buds, and she still chooses clothing she likes etc. Sofia just doesn’t think about it with any true concern. She has someone else who can handle much of the menial thinking for her. Her only friend, the only one she knows for certain cares for her: Pikels.

He tells her when she needs to eat, when she needs to sleep, and when she needs to talk to someone. He tells her where she needs to go, how she needs to get there, and who she should fight and/or run from. Other times, he may ask her to stop being so nice, telling her kindness is not suitable for their situation. Should that occur, Sofia will comply with almost disturbing haste.

Those who know about Pikels may ask if that is more or less a one sided relationship. Sofia doesn’t think so. She knows Pikels is always there for here, and everything he does is for her own good. She listens to him because she knows he loves her, she knows he cares for her. He is the only friend she truly needs. And if anyone threatens Pikels’ safety in any way, Sofia will not feel the need to continue playing nice.


Listening – Just a little something Sofia has picked up as a little girl. When people talk, all Sofia has to do is listen. It makes them feel good, and Sofia learns a little more about the world. It’s something she needs to do if she wants to thrive after all.

Observing – A strange hobby as some might say, but it’s one which occupies Sofia’s time all the same. It keeps the feeling of solitude away when Pikels is gone, and it lets her play little games. Noticing habits, analyzing little mannerisms, and even make up a story for any random passersby should Sofia feel the urge. And should Sofia ever meet them in person, she knows a bit more about them then they themselves revealed.

Gluttony – For Sofia’s size, she has a remarkable metabolism; even stranger, for her relatively calm and positive disposition, her appetite is massive. Almost as if she would die if she didn’t eat her fill of the day, every meal is spent engorging her stomach with as much as she possibly can. Food is necessary for life, but Sofia consumes as if she were collecting tastes and flavors in the bowels of her body just for the pure enjoyment. But she has preferences, even if the quantity she consumes shows otherwise. Sofia makes it obvious if something she eats is delicious or not; she makes it very very, sometimes frighteningly, obvious. Sofia is a growing girl, and she needs her nutrients. For the safety of those around her, Sofia can cook for herself, in a manner of speaking; but, her dishes are plain, and easy to create in vast quantities. It is the quality of the meal Sofia enjoys, even while Pikels does much of the thinking for her.


    Savory dishes
    Cold weather
    Sweet dishes
    Playing in the rain
    Spicy dishes
    Bitter dishes


    The dark
    Tasteless dishes
    Rough dishes
    Threats to Pikels

Inspiration: Sofia had little desire to learn magic. Had she her own choice, she would rather hide in obscurity in a backwater area of the nation. But Pikels convinced her, showed Sofia her potential with magic. Now she desires to prove Pikels correct, that she has the potential to become greater than some know-nothing from the backwaters. Sofia knows she can make Pikels proud, use the power he has so freely given her because that is what friends do. Friends help each other when they need it, and Pikels needs her to do this.


Solitude – Sofia never used to be afraid of being alone, but finding herself without Pikels, without any source of humanity by her side is the equivalent of leaving her stranded in the darkest pits of the world in her current state. She’ll quiver, she’ll quake, she’ll run scurry desperately from place to place until she either finds some source of humanity to be with or Pikels returns; preferably, the latter.

Sensory deprivation – Akin to finding herself alone, being unable to see, hear, smell, taste, or even feel the world around her leaves Sofia unable to think properly. Unable to tell where she can go, or should go, Sofia can find safety by curling into a ball, into a body she can’t tell is there or not. Either that, or flail around mindlessly until she can escape this feeling of nothingness; either or is fine as long as it succeeds.

The boogeyman – Sleeping is supposed to bring safety, but Sofia doesn’t feel that way. She feels like every corner of darkness hides something out there, something which will take her the moment her body lulls into a deep dream. It keeps her awake at night, and makes the absence of sunlight as frightening as a descent into a cave devoid of any light. Only someone who checks and makes sure there is no boogeyman has kept the fears at bay and allows Sofia to sleep, after some struggle of course.

Sofia Simonide Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Imaginary Friend
Augment Description:

Sofia Simonide Mr..Pickles.240.453748

The person Sofia has called friend for most of her life, and the one she depends on and trusts for everything in this world. He guides her, as if he were a being of reality. He advises her, using thoughts and information not of Sofia’s own. And as if he weren’t an imaginary friend, Sofia can touch him while others can’t, and smell him when nobody else can.

Pikels, his name is Pikels. That is what Sofia named him, not who he truly is; although, he accepts it as long as Sofia is comfortable. Pikels only appears to Sofia, counseling her as best he can in order to ensure her survival.

He only wants what is best for Sofia, even granting her a measure of his power. Pikels has, without reservation, told Sofia that he desperately needs her help; and to little surprise, she agreed. For that reason, he has taken over the less important thought processes, allowing Sofia to focus on the grander scale vision of their future. While he is her dear friend, he also puts her abilities ahead of her well-being sometimes. For example, rather then have Sofia stay with the Melodic Sirens, a perfect place for Sofia, Pikels urged her to find someplace a bit more harsh. A place which can nurture Sofia's untapped potential would be one that is safe enough for her, but it had to be strong, and demanding most importantly. Though cruel to Sofia, who has a few years to Pikels already, it is for her sake; and what is for Sofia's sake, will eventually be for his sake.

Sofia Simonide Equipmenterza


Sofia Simonide Historygray

Empty, boring, and peaceful; the backwaters of Fiore, hidden from conflict, and hidden from danger like a dirty hidden corner in the cellar of a home. That’s what it was to Sofia for years, a home, a paradise of a home she would gladly wake up to morning after morning.

Wake up, read, wash her mouth, help tend the livestock, eat eat eat eat eat, nap, and so on and so forth. Life was boring, something Sofia admitted even back then. But it was nice; and more importantly, it was peaceful. There was little danger, even if her community consisted of 90% females. Sofia's papa, her neighbor's papa, husbands of women she knows closely, brothers, uncles, all went off to fight only to never return. Too young to understand this fact, Sofia carried on with her happy little life.

Desolate, but free of conflict. A life which would’ve and should’ve stayed like that had Sofia did as she was told.

Sofia’s mother took Sofia out to the thick predatory woods with the other ladies of their little community on one condition: Sofia must listen to her every command. Sofia did as commanded. She waited here, she stood over there, she waded while holding her mother’s hand and so on. And like a sad fairy tale ending with a moral for children, Sofia disobeyed one final order to avoid wandering from the group whilst they searched for a watering hole.

Just a little harmless stroll, Sofia thought. Nothing bad would happen, she believed. Sofia was mostly right; it was relatively harmless, and nothing terrible at all occurred. All she found was a new friend she named Pikels. Retelling the story to her mother, Pikels showed up when she explored the interiors of a cave and touched a strange colorful wall. Feeling a sharp injection into her heart, Sofia fell to her knees, writhing in pain. Immediately after, a whole host of visions rushed into Sofia, pushing her far away only to see Pikels right by her side when she recovered a short hour later. The other women, and Sofia’s mother, cringed at such a story, and urged Sofia to never retell to anyone. She obeyed, much to future detriment.

When they returned, Sofia, instead of talking to Pikels, began talking to a pickle her father assumed to be Sofia’s imaginary friend. He was partly correct. In time, Sofia and Pikels grew closer, with Sofia listening to Pikels more than the people who gave her flesh and blood. Even farther in time, Pikels was able to convince Sofia of her magical potential, her raw talent. With only one word, ”Please,” Pikels had Sofia leave the peace of her community for Pikels’ sake.

From that point onwards, Pikels was the one who nurtured Sofia. He guided her, cradled her through danger; her bestest friend in the whole world. An even better friend than the ones she left behind. Pikels did all this to make sure Sofia grows into a suitable woman; and more importantly, a suitable mage.

They traveled all across Fiore, searching for a suitable place to properly nurture Sofia. Following Pikels’ criteria for her chosen guild to be safe, strong, and demanding, Sofia first came to Melodic Sirens. Sofia stayed for a while, serving as a little servant girl, but she never joined them as a mage. They didn't satisfy the criteria laid out by Pikels, nor did she feel any true connection with them. All she found there was a kindred spirit she so thoroughly enjoyed being around. "Scarlet...Flaky," as Sofia remembers. A good girl, but she would only stay in her memories.

Her next target, Sable Pantera, was approached with a beaming attitude some may consider arrogance. Arrogance? Perhaps, but Sofia was just an upbeat, highly energetic personality. Little did people know, while she joined Sable Pantera Sofia only as a lowly house servant, she also joined them as a mage hidden amidst the shadows of her disguise. This situation benefited Sable Pantera to an extent, and Sofia more importantly; a situation Pikels advised her on, one he predicted would only serve Sofia’s future. Sofia, trusting her friend, agreed to everything, even if she is just treated as a lowly maid by the others. Sofia doesn't care; all she cares about is fulfilling the aspirations Pikels has set upon her shoulders.


Faceclaim: Lammy – Happy Tree Friends
Other characters: N/A

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Post by Sofia A. Simonide on Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:51 am

Annnnddd daaaaaa: da da boo dee da boo da, da da da dee da boo da! BUMP! ^^

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Post by Heero Villenn on Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:17 am

two issues:

1. gluttony is not really a hobby. She has a big appetite so she eats. Thats not something she really enjoys. Edit it so it makes it sound like she enjoys eating a little and we're good.

2. take pikel's face claim out. He can keep the face but I do want to keep as many face claims available as possible for future pc's.

This just means if a pc comes along wanting his face claim I'm going to give it to them just so you know.

I'd also like to see what Pikel's criteria for a nurturing home for Sofia is.

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by the power vested in me...

I deem this app...


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